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Jain Teerth - Bijapur, Karnataka.
Name :
Shri Atishaya Kshetra 1008 Sahastra Fani Parsvanath Digamber Jain Mandir, Bijapur.
Is an Atishaya   Kshetra (Place of Miracles).
Address :
Shri Atishaya Kshetra 1008 Sahastra Fani Parsvanath Dig. Jain Mandir
Jat Marg, Bijapur (Karnataka) Pin – 586104
Management committee :
Shri Atishaya Kshetra 1008 Sahastra Fani Parsvanath Dig. Jain Mandir Trust
Jat Marg, Bijapur (Karnataka) Pin – 586104
Phone 08352 – 224871
Nearby City :
Solapur (On National Highway 13) 90 km (By Road), 90 km (By Train)
About Bijapur :

Bijapur is an ancient & historic city (Old name - Vijaipur) famous for its unique
architecture “Gol Gumbaj” world wide. This city was centre of Jains in ancient times, but in period of Bahmanies name was turned to Bijapur and since that time influence of Jains also started diminishing.
This city is the birth place of great poet Shri Pump, who wrote Pump Ramayana & Mallinath Puran (The life story of Lord Mallinath – 19th Teerthankar) in Kannara Language and became immortal in the field of literature.

Main Temple & Idol :

There are two temples in Bijapur. This Sahastra Fani Parsvanath Mandir is older than
second. This temple came to knowledge just before 100 Years. The principal deity Lord Parsvanath’s idol was found below ash that is very attractive and miraculous. Its specialty is that while we drop milk or water in one serpent hood it comes out through all the mouths and thus whole idol gets showered. This idol is 5 feet in height with cross legged seating posture, Black in color. A Choubeesee is also here 3 feet in height with principal deity Lord Parsvanath. In another room an idol of Lord Parsvanath Black in color and one of Lord Mahaveer 5 feet in height Black in color, both in cross legged seating posture are installed. All the idols belong to 10th, 14th & 15th century.
This ancient temple is surrounded by a rampart and famous as Sahastra Fani Parsvanath Mandir of Darga.

Temple Kind of:


Other Temple : 

There is an old Adinath Temple in city, idols of 11th to 20th century are installed
there, a must to be viewed.

Facilities : 

A Dharmshala is here with 14 rooms having all facilities.
Others – A Hotel of Karnataka State Government ‘Adil Shahi Hotel’ is better for stay.

Means of approach :
Bijapur is the first district head quarter while we travel from Solapur (Maharashtra) to Banglore (Karnataka) on N.H. 13, at 90 km away from Solapur.
World famous Teerth Shravanbelgola is also situated on this highway.
Bijapur is also a main station on Solapur-Banglore Railway Line.
Nearby Places :
Bijapur is famous in the world for world’s second largest ‘Gol Gumbaj’ (A Dome) with a diameter of 40 meters standing without pillars. Here’s a specialty like – reflection of sound, seven storied minarets and architecture are sell bounding. This building is actually a mausoleum of Mohammad Adilshah. For so man Islamic Buildings like this, the city is called Agra of South.
Here’s Kareemuddeen Maszid is also important which was a Jain Temple at some time. Gagan Mahal, Bara Kaman, Ibrahim Roza and others are also to be viewed.
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