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Jainism - Approach to Life
Buddhism  Jainism is much older than Buddhism and can be truly considered as one of the most ancient and living religions of the world. Jainism is also the most difficult religion to practice because of its uncompromising emphasis on austerities and self mortification. Jainism was made into a popular religion by Mahavira (599 BC), the 24th Thirthankara of Jainism. Unlike Buddhism, Jainism remained mostly confined to the Indian subcontinent, and there too unlike Buddhism, its influence remained confined to certain sections of society. While Buddhism almost vanished from the subcontinent, Jainism maintained its influence and importance in the religious milieu of India. Today Jainism is still practiced by millions of Jains all over the world, especially in India. In this section Hinduwebsite brings the essential features of this great religion.
  Philosophy of Jainism  
Jainism believes karma is a fluid like substances that becomes attached to people and that souls exist in all animate and inanimate objects. Find out from these essays why it is so difficult to practice a religious tradition that gave Hinduism such concepts as karma, kalpa and liberation. 
  Jainism and Buddhism  
Find out the differences and similarities between Buddhism and Jainism and the common historical background they shared during an interesting period in the history of ancient India.
A Treatise On Jainism
Find out the basic concepts of Jainism, the three jewels of Jainism, the concept of karma, the fourteen spiritual stages, the seven tattvas, the six dravyas and more.
History of Jainism
Jainism is perhaps one of the most ancient religious traditions of not just India but the world. Some scholars trace its antiquity to the Indus valley civilization dating back to 4000 BC. Find out in these essays the history and antiquity of Jainism and its contribution to the Indian religious thought.
Jain Canonical Literature
There is no unanimity among Jain scholars about what constitute the Jain Canon. Scholars debated this issue over several centuries.  In this essay we have presented you with an over view of Jain Canon with useful links to actual texts.
The Kalpa Sutra Of Bhadrabahu
This is one of the most ancient texts of Jainism containing the life stories of the Thirthankaras - Mahavira, Parsva, Arishtanemi, Rishabha and also rules of Yetis.
Sacred Scriptures 
In this section we have presented translations of many ancient scriptures of Hinduism, Buddhism and other eastern religions. This section will help our readers to understand the depth of ancient wisdom and philosophical thought contained in these scriptures
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