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Jain Teerth -Thair(TER), Maharashtra.
Name :
Shri 1008 Mahaveer Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra Thair.
Is an Atishaya Kshetra (Place of Miracles).
Address :
Shri 1008 Mahaveer Dig. Jain Atishaya Kshetra Thair
Place & Post – Thair, District – Osmanabad (Maharashtra) Pin – 413509
Phone 02472 – 233722
Management committee :
Shri 1008 Mahaveer Dig. Jain Atishaya Kshetra Thair Managing Committee
Place & Post – Thair, District – Osmanabad (Maharashtra) Pin – 413509
Phone 02472 – 233722
Chair Person :
Shri Dr. Vishvanath S. Bopatkar
Place & Post – Barsi, Taluka – Barsi, Dist. – Solapur (Maharashtra)
Phone 02184 – 224109
Secretary :
Shri Baburao Ganapati Pangal
Place & Post – Murud, Taluka – Latur, Dist. – Latur (Maharashtra) Pin – 413510
Phone 02372 – 270151
Nearby City :
Osmanabad 30 km
Barsi 50 km
About Thair :

Thair of Dist. Osmanabad is an ancient city, old name Tagarpur, this was famous city in 12th century. So many learned persons have prayed Lord Mahaveer Swami of Thair in their poems & texts. This is the only temple in Maharashtra of Lord Mahaveer. It is said that Samavsharan of Lord Mahaveer came here. This temple is about 800 or more years old. This city and area was famous up to 17th century.
An ancient temple of Lord Parsvanath is also here, during reconstruction 20 ancient idols of Teerthankars were found more. Idols of Lord Mahaveer & Lord Parsvanath are extremely attractive and beautiful.
Atishaya – There is a small pond out side the temple. It is said that the water of this pond was very tasteful and good for health. While the travelers were in need of utensils, they used to write it on a paper and drop the paper in water. After some time utensils as per that paper come over the surface of water, travelers use them and then after cleaning utensils were again dropped in the pond and get disappeared. This wonder now does not exist.
This is also said that the bricks used in the construction of this temple do not dip in water, they remain floating.

Main Temple & Idol :

The Kshetra is situated with in double rampart. In the inner rampart, in right side,
there exists Lord Mahaveer Temple, principal deity is Lord Mahaveer 5 feet & 3 inches in height made of Black Stone, very beautiful. In this temple ancient idols of Bhagwan Adinath & Parsvanath are also installed.

Temple Timings & Kind of:

Digamber – From 6 AM to 9 PM

Other Temple : 

In the left of rampart, in front of entrance, there is another temple of principal deity
Lord Parsvanath 5 feet 9 inches in height, in standing posture, Black in color. So many snake images are carved in this temple. The miraculous pond, as described above is also near this temple.

Annual Gatherings :
Annual Festival on Magh Shukla 5 (Yatra Mahotsava)
At every month’s Black Night - Yatra Mahotsava is organized.
Facilities : 

Dharmshala contains 10 Rooms, Mess facility and all necessary items are available.

Reservation : 

Available on Phone 02472 – 233722 

Means of approach :
Road – Taxies & Busses are available from Osmanabad to Thair
Train – Thair Railway Station – Kshetra 3 km ahead, Dhoki Railway Station – 5 km
Airport – Osmanabad 30 km
Nearby Places :
Kunthalgiri Siddha Kshetra & Savargaon Atishaya Kshetra
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