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Jain Teerth - Sinhoniyaji, M. P
Name :
Shri Shantinath Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra Sinhoniyaji.
Is an Atishaya Kshetra (Place of Miracles).
Address :
Shri Shantinath Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra Sinhoniyaji
Place & Post – Sinhoniya, Dist. – Murena (M.P.) Pin – 476557
Management committee :
Shri Shantinath Dig. Jain Atishaya Kshetra Committee Sinhoniya
Place & Post – Sinhoniya, Dist. – Murena (M.P.) Pin – 476557
Phone 07532 – 278310
Chair Person :
Shri Sumati Chandra Shashtri
Place & Post – Murena, Dist. – Murena (M.P.) Pin – 476001
Secretary :
Shri Jinesh Jain
Place & Post – Ambah, Dist. – Murena (M.P.) Pin – 476111
Phone 07538 – 255624, 233024, 257280
Nearby City :
Murena 30 km
About Sinhoniyaji :

Sinhoniya is an ancient city established by ancestors of King Surajsen, the founder of Gwalior City, 2000 years ago. The king had sound faith in Jain Dharma. He constructed a big Jain Temple in Gwalior Fort and a temple in Sinhoniya. It is said that there were 11 Jain Temples at Sinhoniya established by Jaiswal Jains in 4th – 5th century.
This city was under the influence of Jains up to 10th century. Latter on this place was ruined by Muslim invaders, temples & idols were destroyed.
Development of Kshetra: – A celibate Shri Gumani Ramji dreamed in a night approximately 75 years ago that several idols are hidden under a hillock. According the dream he searched the proper place in the next morning and dug there. He got three standing idols of Bhagwan Shantinath 16 feet, Kunthunath 10 feet & Arahnath 10 feet. As the news spread, devotees started to come there, so many miracles happened. After some time a magnificent temple was built there, the three idols are still standing at the same place where they were found from the earth.
So many idols are still found here & there at Sinhoniya, many idols are displayed in museum in the temple.
Atishaya: – (i) Simply by viewing the Kshetra devotees feel eternal peace & joy, their desires get materialized earlier. While any person or animal falls ill in nearby area, persons commit something about Kshetra and their illness disappeared. Local public calls Chaitnath Baba to Bhagwan Shantinath. Chaitnath is corrupt form of word Chaityanath, Chaitya is used for Jain Temples.
(ii) Once an oilman denied to place Jain idols in Jain Temple, speedy rain of stones started at his home automatically and that was only stopped in next morning when he rushed to Jain Temple with idols to place there.
(iii) Gods of heaven often seen by villagers while they come here for worship of Bhagwan Shantinath & others.

Main Temple & Idol :

Atishaya Kshetra is simply 1 km ahead from Sinhoniya Village. A Dharmshala is constructed in three sides of temple. Temple is situated in a field. There is a single hall in temple where idol of Bhagwan Shantinath in standing posture installed, very beautiful & attractive giving the message of peace and non affection & nonviolence. 18 idols of other Teerthankars are also here recovered from nearby area.
An idol of Dikpal or Lokpal is also attractive, 5 feet & 9 inch in height in Khajuraho style.

Temple Kind of:


Other Temple : 

Newly constructed magnificent Samavsharan Mandir, Neminath Dig. Jain Mandir & Chaubeesee Mandir is worth being seen. Panch Kalyanaka Pratishtha of these temples has taken place during 18 Feb. 2003 to 24 Feb. 2003.

Natural Scenerio : 
Natural environment is pleasing to eyes & mind.
Annual Gatherings :
Salvation Ceremony of Bhagwan Shantinath on Jyeshth Krishna 14
Rathayatra & Mastakabhisheka Festival on Ashvin Krishna 2
Facilities : 

Dharmshala of Kshetra 20 Normal Rooms, 20 Deluxe Rooms, Mess facility and all required items are available.

Means of approach :
Road – Jeeps & Busses are available from Murena to Sinhoniya connected by smooth road.
Train – Station Murena on Gwalior-Agra Line 30 km from Kshetra
Airport – Gwalior
Nearby Places :
Very artful Kankan Matha Shiva Temple in Khajuraho style without use of cement & lime, Hanuman Mandir and ancient Durga Mandir are also agreeable.
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