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Jain Teerth - Siddhaverkoot, M. P
Name :
Shri Digamber Jain Siddha Kshetra Siddhaverkoot.
Is an Siddha Kshetra (Place of Salvation).
Address :
Shri Digamber Jain Siddha Kshetra Siddhaverkoot
Siddhaverkoot, Post – Mandhata Omkareshwer, Taluka – Khandwa,
District – Khandwa (M.P.) Pin – 450554
Phone 07280 – 271229
Management committee :
Shri Dig. Jain Siddha Kshetra Management & Trust Committee
Siddhaverkoot, Post – Mandhata Omkareshwer, Taluka – Khandwa,
District – Khandwa (M.P.) Pin – 450554
Chair Person :
Shri Dev Kumar Singhji Kasliwal
580, Anup Bhawan, Tukoganj, Indor (M.P.) Pin – 452001
Phone 0731 – 2434718
Secretary :
Shri Indermal Jain (Chaudhary)
31, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Sanawad, Taluka – Barwah, District – Khargone (M.P.)
Phone 07280 – 234364
Nearby City :
Omkareshwer on other side of Bank of Narmada River
Sanawad 60 km
Barwah 14 km
About Siddhaverkoot :

Shri Siddhaverkoot is an ancient sacred. Siddha Kshetra surrounded by a series of hills full of natural beauty. From this place two Chakravarties, ten Kamdeos and three & half crores of ascetic saints achieved the salvation, full & finel freedom from world to enjoy the spiritual bliss for indefinite time. This place is situated on a plane on the top of a hill. Important of this place is described in Nirvankand.
It is said that the main temple of Lord Sambhavnath (The 3rd Teerthankar) was searched out from the earth. Here is an idol of Bhagwan Chandraprabhu installed in V.S. 1545 and an ancient idol of Lord Adinath installed in V.S. 11.
Here is an ancient pond also. It is said that on bathing in that pond, spin diseases disappear and occurs never again.

Main Temple & Idol :

Here’s main temple is Lord Sambhavnath’s temple at No. 13, known as Bara Mandir.
This holy place was searched by Bhattarak Mahendrakeertiji of Indore. He dreamed this place in night of Month Kartik Krishna 14 V.S. 1935. He confirmed the dream from Jain texts and then searched the area & nearby forest according to dream. Thus he found the idols of Lord Chandraprabhu & Adinath and broken fragments of two or three temples also.
Repair and reconstruction of this temple started from Magha Shukla 3 V.S. 1940 and installation ceremony of temples & idols was organized in V.S. 1951 in the headship of Bhattarak Mahendrakeertiji of Indore.
This temple is vast in size looks very attractive with high spires. There are four more shrines in this temple, where idols of Lord Chandraprabhu, Lord Ajitnath, Lord Parsvanath & Lord Sambhavnath are installed.

Temple Timings & Kind of:

Digambar – From 6 AM to 9 PM

Other Temple : 

At Siddhaverkoot 13 temples are in total including images of feet, column of Dignity etc. 6th is a temple of two Chakravarties and ten Kamdeos, 4th is Lord Bahubali’s. Other temples are also viewable.

Natural Scenerio : 
This place is near the place of confluence of Narmada & Kaveri Rivers. This place surrounded with the hills is full of natural beauty, really pleasing to eyes.
Annual Gatherings :
Falgun Krishna 14 & 15
Chaitra Krishna 1
Facilities : 

In total 25 rooms with modern facilities and 40 rooms normal are available.
Indorewala’s Dharmshala 3 Rooms
Barwah’s Dharmshala 3 Rooms
Solapurwala’s Dharmshala 18 Rooms
Khandwawala’s Dharmshala 2 Rooms
Guest House 2 Rooms
Mess (Bhojanashala) and all required items like utensils, bed, tent etc. are available at all of above.

Means of approach :
Road - Omkareshwer is the nearest Bus Stand, it is on other side of Bank of Narmada River, busses come here from all main cities of M.P. It is 18 km away from Barwah, on Khandwa-Indore road. From Barwah also direct road for Siddhwerkoot, it is 14 km far from Siddhwerkoot.
Trains – Nearby Railway Staton is Barwah, on Khandwa-Indore line, Taxies are available from Barwah. Travelers may reach Omkareshwer by bus from Barwah.
Boats are available at Omkareshwer to cross the river and to reach the Kshetra – Siddhaverkoot. Boats are available from 7 AM to 6 PM.
Airport – Indore 80 km

From Indore to Barwah, than by road to Siddhaverkoot is the safest route.
Nearby Places :
Pavagiri Una 110 km
Bawangaja 200 km
Gommatgiri 90 km
Baneria 125 km
Maksi Parsvanath 150 km
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