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Jain Teerth -Shiradshahapur, Maharashtra
Name :
Shri 1008 Mallinath Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra Shiradshahapur
Is an Atishaya Kshetra (Place of Miracles).
Address :
Shri 1008 Mallinath Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra Shiradshahapur
Place & Post – Shiradshahapur, Taluka – Oundhha (Nagnath),
District – Hingoli (Maharashtra)
Phone 02454-248019
Management Committee :
Vishvasta Committee Shri 1008 Mallinath Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra
Place & Post – Shiradshahapur, Taluka – Oundhha, District – Hingoli (Maharashtra)
Phone 02454-248019
Chair Person :
Shri Tej Kumar Moolchand Jhanjhari
Place & Post – Oundhha, District – Hingoli (Maharashtra)
Phone 02456-260029, Mobile – 94221 76989
Secretary :
Shri Nagorao Ambadasrao Madrap
Place & Post – Shiradshahapur, Taluka – Oundhha, District – Hingoli (Maharashtra)
Phone 02454-248066
Nearby City :
Aurangabad 210 km
Nanded 55 km
Parbhani 50 km
Hingoli 40 km
Oundhha (Nagnath) 14 km
Jintur 55 km
About ShiradaShahapur :

Shri Mallinath Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra Shiradashahapur is only Atishaya Kshetra of Bhagwan Mallinath, present all over India. This place is surrounded by hills and greenery from all sides and is located in between the natural environment. The river ‘Asna’ flows outside the village. In ancient times it was famous for the miraculous idol of Bhagwan Shantinath reverenced in ‘Shak-Samvat 1535’. But when miraculous idol of Bhagwan Mallinath was reverenced here, this place was started to be called as Atishaya Kshetra of Bhagwan Mallinath. Bhagwan Shantinath has been appreciated lot in storybooks, poems & prayers by Brahmm Jinsagar, Brahmm Mahatisagar, Brahmm Nemisagar etc. these books written in Marathi language. Bhagwan Shantinath Chaityalaya is about 1000 years ancient.
The story related to the arrival of Bhagwan Mallinath is quite interesting. It is said that before this idol of Bhagwan Mallinath was placed among other broken & unbroken Jain idols at Ardhapur village in Nanded District. Once ‘Padmanandi Bhattaraka’ of ‘Karanjapeeth’ was going to Bheekar village. Padmanandi saw the idol of Bhagwan Mallinath in Ardhapur village while he stopped there for relaxation. The thought of taking the idol of Bhagwan Mallinath to Karanja came to his mind when he saw the idol. He asked for the permission for taking idol with him but head of Panchayat & other members of Panchayat of Ardhapur village refused his request. Then Padmanandi Bhattaraka in his palanquin (Myana) went directly to the Nizam of Hyderabad. He asked the carriers of palanquin to leave the palanquin when he entered in the Nizam’s Court. The very astonishing thing happened that palanquin hanged in the air. The Nizam was quite surprised to see this & more ones he was pleased with this miracle. The Padmanandi thus got the permission of taking idol with him.
After this Bhattaraka took idol to Karanja from Ardhapur village. On the way Padmanandi stopped in Shiradashahapur for night relaxation. In Shiradshahapur during night he saw the dream to install the idol in Shiradshahapur. In morning when devotees tried to pull the chariot but they were unable to pull the chariot and therefore according to the dream the idol was installed in Shiradshahapur only. A magnificent temple was also constructed. The visitors have also seen the miracles of this idol, which occur time to time.

Main Temple and Idol :

Bhagwan Shantinath Jinalaya having spires is the first temple of Shiradshahapur Atishaya Kshetra. The 1 foot 2 inch high white stone’s Padmasana idol of Bhagwan Shantinath, which was reverenced in ‘Shak-Samvat 1535’ is also installed here. The idol is quite attractive & miraculous.
The magnificent and attractive Padmasana idols of Bhagwan Adinath & Bhagwan Parshvanath are also installed in this temple.
The marble is used in entire temple. The magnificent picturization of ancient stories is done through attractive pictures on walls of this temple.
The magnificent temple of Bhagwan Mallinath is present near Shantinath temple. The 4 feet high black colored Ardha-Padmasana idol of principal deity of Bhagwan Mallinath reverenced on Magh Krishna – 3rd of V.S. 1631. This idol is majestic, beautiful & miraculous. The idol of Bhagwan Mallinath was reverenced by Surendrakirti – the Bhattaraka of Moolsangh Balatkargana. The magnificent artistic column of dignity, made of white marble was constructed in front of this temple. The white colored Padmasana idol of Bhagwan Mahaveer is installed in upper part of this temple.

Temple Kind of : 
Natural Scenario : 

Shiradshahapur Kshetra is surrounded by hills from all the sides & river Asna flows near this village.

Annual Gathering : 
Bhagwan Mallinath Jayanti from Marg Shirsh Shukla – 11 to 13 (Annual Fair 3 days)
Facilities : 

Lakshmi Bai Dharmashala 12 Rooms, Tyagi Nivas 4 Rooms, Dharmashala 6 Rooms.
Mess facility and all required items are available.
Other – Jain Mess are available.

Reservation Facility is available on Phone No. 02454-248019
Means of approach :
By Road: - Buses are available from Nanded, Vasmatnagar, Oundhha, Jintur, Parbhani etc. Buses & Taxis are available from Hingoli District Headquarter.
Train – Chaundhhi Railway Station is present on Purna-Khandva & Kachiguda-Jaipur line. Taxi is available from Chaundhhi to Shiradshahapur (7 km).
Nearby Places :
On the other bank of Asna river the Trance of Bhattaraka Devendra Kirti is present. Devendra Kirti has remained Bhattaraka of Karanjapeeth from Samvat 1840 to 1850. In last years of his life he went for meditation after accepting Munideeksha. Later on achieved ‘Devgati’ the through death in state of trance.

Navagarh Atishaya Kshetra – 55 km
Asegaon Atishaya Kshetra – 32 km
Jintur Atishaya Kshetra – 55 km
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