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Jain Teerth - Kundal, Maharashtra.
Name :
Shri Kalikund Parsvanath Digamber Jain Siddha (Atishaya) Kshetra, Kundal
Is an Siddha Kshetra (Place of Salvation).
Address :
Shri Kalikund Parsvanath Dig. Jain Siddha (Atishaya) Kshetra, Kundal
Place & Post – Kundal, Taluka – Palus, Dist. – Sangli (Maharashtra) Pin – 416309
Phone 02346 – 221113
Management committee :
Shri Kalikund Parsvanath Dig. Jain Siddha (Atishaya) Kshetra, Kundal
Place & Post – Kundal, Taluka – Palus, Dist. – Sangli (Maharashtra) Pin – 416309
Phone 02346 – 221113
Chair Person :
Shri Shashi Kant Shiv Lal Shaha (Lengarekar)
Baramati, Taluka – Baramati, District – Pune (Maharashtra) Pin – 413102
Phone 02112 – 224343, 222575 (R)
Secretary :
Shri Bala Saheb Nana Narule
Chavadi Javak, Kundal, Taluka – Palus, Dist - Sangli (Maharashtra) Pin – 416309
Phone 02346 – 221113
Nearby City :
Sangli 50 km
Kirloshar Vadi Station 3 km
Karad Highay 25 km
About Kundal :

Kundal is a historical place, its ancient name was Koundinyapur where so many debates were organized. Acharya Samantbhadra defeated so many Learned Persons in debates here. The tradition of Kundal is more than 1600 years old. It is supposed that Samavsharan of Bhagwan Parsvanath & Mahaveer came here and last Shrutkevali Poojya Shridhara Muni achieved salvation here.
Atishaya – Here Lord Parsvanath’s idol is miraculous. It is said that a son of a King died due to some disease, then his newly married wife prepared an idol of Parsvanath made of Sand and goddess Padmavati and started prayers & worship with the deep heart, due to the effect of such heartly worship, her husband became alive.
Same type of miracle is found in the story of King Satyeshwar & Queen Padmashri of Koundinyapur.

Main Temple & Idol :

Kalikund Parsvanath Mandir is the main temple here, this is an ancient temple with principal deity Lord Parsvanath, miraculous idol of Sand with hard & sturdy coating Black in color, 5 feet 4 inch high. In the back on wall, images of goddesses joining their hands are carved beautifully. This is surrounding by a rampart. Lord Parsvanath’s idol was installed in V.S. 964. In this rampart Lord Mahaveer’s idol was found during digging in cross legged seating posture in year 1978 A.D.

Temple Kind of:


Other Temple : 

Kundal has three temples all of Lord Parsvanath. One is Kalikund Parsvanath as described above, second is Shri Jhari Parsvanath and third is Shri Giri Parsvanath.
Jhari Parsvanath is situated in a cave on a hill, 2 km ahead of village. This idol of Parsvanath is called Jhari Parsvanath because water flows near the feet of idol through out the year, water comes from a pond which is in the right of idol. Near this a beautiful four armed idol of Goddess Padmavati is installed.
Another is Giri Parsvanath Mandir is situated on a plateau 4-5 km ahead from village, an ancient temple. The plateau is known as Tapobhumi. Here’s idol of Parsvanath is 1 meter high with seven serpent hoods in cross legged seating posture. Foot images of Shridhara Muni are also installed here. This is said that Samavsharan of Bhagwan Parsvanath also came here.

Natural Scenerio : 
This is a place full of natural beauty. Famous Krishna River flows at a distance of 2 or 2 and half km in front of Jhari Parsvanath Mandir.
Annual Gatherings :
Annual Festival every year on the last Monday of Shravan Month
Facilities : 

Guest House (Dharmshala) is available for pilgrims with full facilities, food & beds.
Others – Kirloskar Factory Canteen 3 km far from Kundal

Reservation – Available at Kirloskar Brothers
Kirloskarvadi VIP Guest House, Phone 02346 – 222051

Means of approach :
Road Road – Busses are available from Sangli to Kundal
Train – Kirloskarvadi Railway Staion on Pune-Miraj Railway Line, Busses & Auto Rickshaw are available.
Airport – Sangli 50 km, Kolhapur 75 km
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