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Jain Teerth - Kumboj Bahubali,Maharashtra.
Name :
Shri Bahubali Bramhcharya & Vidyapeeth.
Is an Atishaya Kshetra.
Address :
Bahubali Kumbhoj, Taluka: Hatkadngale District: Kolhapur. Maharashtra – 416110
Phone: 0230-2584422
Management committee :
Bahubali Kumbhoj, Taluka: Hatkadngale District: Kolhapur. Maharashtra – 416110
Phone: 0230-2584422
Chair Person :
Shri Arvind Rao Doshi, Premier Auto Electricals Ltd., Gold Quine B 407 Tad Dev Road, Cross Road Opposite, Mumbai 400034
Phone 022-23636916
Secretary :
Shri Vilas Bhai Gulab Chand Shah Sogli, Balaji Nagar, Kupwara Road, Taluka: Miraj District: Sogli, Maharashtra 416416
Phone 0233-2311944
Nearby City :
Hatkadangale 8 km by road and train, Kolhapur 30 km by road and train, Sogli 35 km by road and Ichalkaranji 16 km by road.
About Kumbhoj :

In Kumbhoj Bahubali, a 6 feet high beautiful, artistic idol of lord Bahubali is installed here in 1156 AD, on the day of Vaishakh Shukla 10th by the motivation of an ascetic saint Shri 108 Shrut Sagarji Maharaj. This idol is full of miracles.
Approximately 250 years ago here lived an ascetic saint Shri Bahubali Maharaj, a great scholar of the science of spells. Due to the effect, any type of violent animals never harm to pilgrims. It seems that the name of this holy place named on the name of that great saint, to keep his memories long lasting.
After him in 1851 AD, Muni Shri Prabhachandraji, in 1958 Muni Shri Kamlakarji, after it in the 20th century Acharya, great saint Shri 108 Shanti sagarji and so on came here and sacred the place. In 1937 Chaturmas Vaktavya (Four Monthly Statement) was delivered from here and first holy pilgrimage to the great sacred place Shri Sammed Shikharji also started from here. A very beautiful colossus of marble of Lord 1008 Shri Bahubali , 28 Feet in Height, is installed here near the hill in 1963.

Temple Timings :
6 A. M. to 9 P. M.
Other Temple : 

Ancient idol of Lord Bahubali 6 feet in Height, Samavsharan Mandir, idol of Acharya 108 Shri Shanti Sagarji, Images of other jain holy places in India, an ancient idol of first tirthankar Adinath (Rishabh Dev) and column of dignity and a monuments are also noticeable.

Natural Scenerio : 
Peaceful atmosphere, Near Hill.
Annual Gatherings Fair on Kartika Poornima (Annual Function), also celebrate starting day of the Organization on Asharh Shukla Dwitiya (2nd)
Facilities : 

Dharmashala – Samantbhadra Nilay, No. of Rooms with attached let-bath 10, Guest House contains 3 Rooms, Mess/Bhojanshala facility is available here. Other items like Utensils, Bed etc are also available. Also 17 Jain Hotels are there.

Reservation Facility, Available on Phone No. 0230-2584422
Means of approach :
By Road (Bus, Car etc.), Bus is for Bahubali from Hatkadngale, Jeeps/cars for Kumbhoj passes from Bahubali.
By Train, Kolhapur 30 KM, Hatkadngale 8 KM
By Air, nearby airport is Kolhapur, 30 KM in distance. 
Nearby Places :
Religious : Dharmanagar, Nodani, Kolhapur, Kothaki, Stavanidhi
Historical: Kolhapur, Panhaka.
Bahabuli Bramhacharya Ashram was started by Acharya Shri 108 Samantbhadra with 5 students.
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