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Jain Teerth - Khandargiri, M.P.
Name :
Shri Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra Khandargiri.
Is an Atishay Kshetra (Place of Miracles).
Address :
Shri Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra Khandargiri
Place & Post – Chanderi, Dist. – Ashok Nagar (M.P.) Pin – 473446
Phone 07547 – 243118
Management committee :
Shri Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra Choubeesee Bara Mandir Trust
Place & Post – Chanderi, Dist. – Ashok Nagar (M.P.) Pin – 473446
Phone 07547 – 243357
Chair Person :
Shri Genda Lalji Jain Sarraf
Phone 07547 – 243058, 0755-2556030
Secretary :
Phone 07547 – 253282, 94253-10282
Nearby City :
Chanderi 1 km
Lalitpur 40 km
Guna 160 km
About Khandargiri :

Khandargiri is at a distance of one km from historic city Chanderi of Dist. Guna situated in hilly area. Here are six caves in hills with so many idols of Teerthankars, so beautiful, a unique example of sculpture art. In Cave No. 2 a high standing colossus of Lord Adinath is very attractive and miraculous. These idols are carved by cutting rocks of hills, completed during 13th to 16th century. These hills are a part of the Vindhyachal Mountain range. 

Main Temple & Idol :

In the Cave No. 2, a 38 feet high colossus in standing posture is very attractive & pleasing to eyes,full of art.

Temple Kind of:


Other Temple : 

Four temples are here in valley. In ancient times this place was the centre of Jain art, culture & philosophy. Bhattarakas lived here and their graves still exist.

Natural Scenerio : 
This place is one km away from the historic city Chanderi full of natural hills, greenery, surrounded with the forests, a very attractive charming place, place of attraction for tourists.
Facilities : 

Two little Dharmshalas are here. One Dharmshala with modern facilities is available at Choubeesee Bara Mandir Chanderi.

Means of approach :
Busses are available from Guna & Lalitpur from 6 AM to 10 PM for Khandargiri.
Train – Guna Railway Station 160 km & Lalitpur Railway Station 40 km from Khandargiri
Nearby Places :
Thuvonji 22 km
Saironji 27 km
Golakota Pachrai 50 km
Devgarh 64 km
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