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Jain Teerth - Khajuraho.
Name :
Shri Digamber Atishay Kshetra, Khajuraho.
Is an Atishaya Kshetra.
Address :
Post & Village Khajuraho, Taluka Rajnagar, District Chatarpur (M. P.) - 471606. Phone +91-7686-234960
Management committee :
Shri Digamber Jain Atishay Kshetra Management Committee, Khajuraho
Post & Village Khajuraho, Taluka Rajnagar, District Chatarpur (M. P.) - 471606. Phone +91-7686-234960
Chair Person :
Shri Shikhar Chandra Jain
Ahinsa Bhawan, Gadikhana, Chatarpur (M. P.) Pin 471001.
Phone +91-7682-241011, 012, 530
Secretary :
Shri Devendra Kumar Devadia
Chauk Bazar, Chatarpur (M. P.) Pin 471001.
Phone +91-7682-248053, 241607
Nearby City :
Mahoba 60 KM, Satna 152 KM, Jhansi 13 KM
About Khajuraho :

Khajuraho has been recognized by UNESCO as a place of world heritage on account of its magnificent temples. No doubt Khajuraho is one of the most prominent international tourist centers of India. It was widely known as the religious capital of mighty Chandellas in the medieval period (9th to 13th Century AD). The temples of Khajuraho are generally divided into three groups: Western, Eastern and Northern. The Eastern group mainly consisting of Jain temples. There are 34 (Thirty Four) Jain Temples in total. But from architectural point of view the Parsvanath, the Adinath and the Shantinath temples are relatively more important and noteworthy. These temples are unique examples of religious harmony and spirit of accommodation. Atishay (Miracle), The Shantinath Temple is famous for its 14 feet high standing idol, the 16th jain tirthankar. According to an inscription on it, it is installed in Vikrama-Samvat 1085 (1028 AD). This idol is full of miracle. About 400 years ago, while invaders (idol breakers) came here and applied hammer to the little finger to break the idol, flow of milk started from it and at the same time dense flock of honey bees attached on invaders and pushed them to run away. Desires of devotees are fulfilled here after prayer and worship full of faith.

Main Temple & Idol :

Shri 1008 Lord Shantinath temple is the main temple with 4 ft. high colossus in the standing posture, the highest idol of all idols (deity images) of Khajuraho. This temple contains a large number of remarkably gracious images of Tirthankaras (e.g. Lord Rishabh Dev, Parshwanath, ChandraPrabhu) along with the rarely majestic Sculpture of the parents of Tirthankar. Almost all the Tirthankar images are adorned by 'Asta-Pratiharyas' (eight miracles) such as Indras with flying whisks, three umbrellas, Hallow (Prabha-mandal), throne (Simhasan), etc. This temple also contains a picture-gallery, which exhibits photos of prominent Jain monuments of India as a whole, in a chronological manner.

The Parsvanath temple is famous in the world as it contains some of the most excellent sculptures of Khajuraho e.g. figures of Lakshmi-Narain, Balram-Reoti, eight Dikpalas (i.e. Indra, Agni, Yama, Nirriti, Varuna, Vayu, Kuber and Isan), Ambika, Kamdev-Rati, Ram-Sita along with Hanuman. This temple is also privileged to possess the best art pieces of Sura-Sundaris (Divine Nymphs) in various attractive postures. These can’t be unnoticed by visitors. This temple is a 'Panchayatan type' of temple in Nagar-style; as it has got all the five organs thereof i.e. Ardha-Mandap, Mandap, Maha-Mandap, Antaral and Garbhagriha (Sanctum).

Third is the Adinath temple located on the right of the parsvanath, is a beautiful - though small shrine. It is noted for its simple but well-ornamented 'Shikhar' (spire) and the three bands of sculptures on its semi-circular outer wall containing figures of Gandharvas and Kinnars (celestial musicians) and Vidyadharas, various Yakshas (Gods . attending on Tirthankaras) and Apsaras (celestial fairies). The figures of "Govadan" (or "Gomukh") - the attendant Yaksha of Lord Risabhadev have been conspicuously carved-out. This temple has got the rare sculptures of sixteen Digambar Jain Vidyadevis - which have been very carefully carved out by the master-artist of Khajuraho, who has taken much care and great pains to depict these goddesses along with their 'Vahanas' (vehicles) and 'Ayudhas' (weapons) and the necessary 'Parikar' (background).

Temple Timings : 
From Sunrise to 9.00 PM at night.
Other Temple : 

There are 31 another jain temples with beautiful architecture and idols.

Natural Scenerio : 
Road from Satna to Khajuraho, passes through rivers and valleys, full of very beautiful natural scenario. Group of temples with their artful Shikharas (spines) look very attractive and pleasing to eyes.
Annual Gatherings :
Rath Yatra function on Kwar Krishna 8 every year.
Annual gathering (Mela/fair) at the occasion of Holi (The famous festival of colors).
Tapa kalyanak day of Lord Shantinath, jyestha Krishna 14th.
On the occasion of maha shiva ratri a very big function is organized in the all Lord Shiva temples every year.
Tourism department is also organizing Khajuraho dancing festival every year.
Facilities : 

Rest Houses/Dharmashala, Pahil Niketan 3 normal rooms, 14 rooms with attached let-bath and 2 Halls of 20’X60’ (feet), mess facility.
Another Rest House having 8 normal rooms, 7 rooms with attached let-bath, One Big Hall.
Shantinath Dharmashala containing 11 rooms, Food is free for Jains in mess/bhojanshala.
All required items like utensils, bed, tent etc. are available in above Rest House and Dharmashala.
Large no. of Guest Houses, 1 to 5 star hotels are available here.
Other Mess, Shri Sahntinath Bhojnalaya.

Reservation Facility, Available on Phone no. +91-7686-274148
Means of approach :
Road from Satna, Mahoba, Jhansi, busses and trains are available for Khajuraho
By Train, Jhansi 172 KM (For Delhi-Chennai Trains), Satna 117 KM (For Mumbai-Kolkata Trains) Mahoba 60 KM (For Delhi-Chennai Trains)
Air Service, Flights are vailable from Delhi, Agra, Mumbai and Varanasi.
Nearby Places :
Jain Pilgrimage Centers, Kundalpur, Drongiri, Nainagiri, Shreyansgiri, Ahar, Papaura, Seron, Chanderi, Deogarh etc.
Pandav Waterfall, Ranch Waterfal, Panna National Park, Gandev Dham, Dhubela Archaeological Museum.
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