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Jain Teerth - Ellora , Maharashtra.
Name :
Shri Parsvanath Pahar Mandir Atishaya Kshetra & Gurukul Ellora.
Is an Atishaya   Kshetra (Place of Miracles).
Address :
Shri Parsvanath Pahar Mandir Atishaya Kshetra & Gurukul Ellora
Place & Post – Ellora, Taluka – Khultabad, Dist. – Aurangabad (Maharashtra)
Pin – 431102, Phone 02437 – 244432, 244590, 244598
Management committee :
Shri Parsvanath Brahmacharyashram Gurukul
Place & Post – Ellora, Taluka – Khultabad, Dist. – Aurangabad (Maharashtra)
Pin – 431102, Phone 02437 – 244432, 244590, 244598
Chair Person :
Shri Tansukh Lalji Ganesh Lalji Thole (Freedom Fighter)
Place & Post – Kasabkhera, Taluka – Khultabad, Dist. – Aurangabad (Maharashtra)
Phone 02437 – 245584, 245560
Secretary :
Shri Panna Lalji Mangi Lalji Gangwal
22, Heera Panna, New Samarth Nagar, Near Ashok Chakra, Nirala Bazar,
Aurangabad (Maharashtra) Phone 0240 – 2350018
Nearby City :
Aurangabad 30 km (On Aurangabad-Dhulia Road), 30 km (By Train)
About Ellora :

Ancient caves of Ajanta & Ellora in Aurangabad district are famous all over the world for the marvelous art of sculptor and colorful paintings. Here number of caves are 34, among them Jain caves are five. In the back of these caves at a distance of 1 km from here, there is a Parsvanath Temple on hill, in which a high colossus of Lord Parsvanath with nine serpent hoods. 16 feet in height & 9 feet in width in Ardh Padmasana (Semi sitting posture) is established. Jain caves at Ellora are made during 7th to 10th century by kings of Rashtrakoot & Ela family.

Main Temple & Idol :

On the hill, in the north of caves of Ellora, there is a miraculous colossus of Lord
Parsvanath. According to inscription on colossus this was installed in the year 1078 A.D. on the day Falgun Shukla 3.
This hill is also called Charanadri Hill. It is said that the ascetic saints with capacity of moving in sky came here for penance (Tup).

Temple Kind of:


Other Temple : 

In Ellora village, in the temple of Gurukul, principal deity Lord Parsvanath is installed. The idol is 4 feet in height made of Black Stone. Art work of mirror in this temple is a must to see.
The caves of Ellora from 30th to 34th number are two storied Jain Caves, among these Indra Sabha, Chhota Kailash and Jagannath Caves are best. In these caves colorful drawings, art of sculptor and architecture is really pleasing to eyes. So many attractive idols are carved in these caves, among them Lord Parsvanath’s idol engrossed in penance, standing idols of Lord Bahubali, idols of Dharanendra-Padmavati, Gomed–Ambika–Chakreshvari, Indra – the king of heaven in dancing posture, dancing Neelanjana are such idols, in them excellence of the art may be experienced.

Natural Scenerio : 
Very peaceful hilly area with natural beauty is capable to attract any one. Series of Ashok Trees present very pleasant scene.
Annual Gatherings :
At Jeevdaya Ashtami (Two days before Dashera or Vijaya Dashami) a gathering (Mela) is organized every year.
At Gurukul: –
(i) Day of salvation of Poojya Acharya Samantbhadraji – Aug. 18
(ii) Day of salvation of Poojya Acharya Aryanandiji – Feb. 3
Facilities : 

(i) Old Dharmshala 4 Big halls with separate Let-Bath
(ii) Matoshri Kasturabai Mangilal Gangwal Dharmshala 7 Big halls with separate Let-Bath
Food facility available on order

Reservation Facility, Available on Phone no. 02437 – 244432, 244590, 244598
Means of approach :
Road – From Aurangabad to Dhulia, Road Busses are available up to 9:30 PM. Jeeps are available in night.
Railway – Nearest Railway Station is Aurangabad (30 km) or Chalisgaon.
Airport – Aurangabad
Nearby Places :
Hindu & Buddists Caves at Ellora, Jain Atishaya Kshetra Jatwada, Paithan & Kachner
Others – Ghrishneshver Jyotirling in Ellora
Wind Mill & Bibi Ka Makbara, Siddharth Garden in Aurangabad
Nathsagar & Gyaneshver Garden in Paithan
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