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Jain Teerth - Bhatkuli jain, Maharashtra.
Name :
Shri Adinath Swami Digamber Jain Samsthan (Atishaya Kshetra) Bhatkuli Jain
Is an Atishaya Kshetra (Place of Miracles).
Address :
Shri Adinath Swami Dig. Jain Samsthan (Atishaya Kshetra) Bhatkuli Jain
Place & Post - Bhatkuli Jain, Taluka - Bhatkuli Jain, Dist. – Amaravati (Maharashtra)
Pin – 444606, Phone 0721 – 2389041
Management committee :
Shri Adinath Swami Dig. Jain Samsthan (Atishaya Kshetra) Bhatkuli Jain
Place & Post - Bhatkuli Jain, Taluka - Bhatkuli Jain, Dist. – Amaravati (Maharashtra)
Pin – 444606, Phone 0721 – 2389041
Chair Person :
Shri Satish Y. Sangai
‘Kanchan’, Satish Motors, Badnera Road, Amaravati (Maharashtra)
Phone 0721 – 2673333, 2673300, 2651330, 2573330
E-mail – ati.Samkit@sanchar.net.in
Secretary :
Shri Nana A. Chandurkar
Place & Post – Nandgaon Khandeshwar, Dist. - Amaravati (Maharashtra)
Nearby City :
Amaravati 18 km
Karanja Lad 70 km
Shirpur Jain 150 km
About Bhatkuli :

Shri Bhatkuli is the changed name of Bhojkut City of ancient Vidarbha that was established by Rukmi, the brother of Lord Krishna’s chief queen Rukmini. Bhatkuli is famous for an attractive ancient idol of Bhagwan Adinath made of Black Stone by King Rukmi during Mahabharat period. This idol was installed by him in a magnificent temple. According to archaeologists this idol is more than 3000 years old.
Letter on this place was a part of Shatvahanas, Vakatakas & Rashtrakootas Kingdom. After that downfall of this area started.
In V.S. 1156, this ancient idol of Adinath was hidden underground in fort to save from Mughals. This hidden position continued up to 18th century.
In the last of 18th century idol of Adinath came in the dream to chief of village and told him about self.
Bhagwan Adinath told him that at the place of idol, a cow gives up her milk automatically. According to dream the proper place was searched and the digging started. Thus the ancient miraculous idol of Adinath Swami was recovered. This was prayed & worshiped by the villagers in various styles, a wonder was felt by villagers that their so many desires now being completed/fulfilled.
Letter on Poojya Acharya Shri Nemsagarji Maharaj came there knowing the miracles of idol. They looked the idol and decided that this was an ancient idol of Bhagwan Adinath, the first Teerthankar of Jains and convinced the villagers about the fact. Then a magnificent Digamber Jain temple was constructed there and this miraculous idol was installed with villager’s cooperation.

Main Temple & Idol :

The main temple is Bhagwan Adinath’s Temple with principal deity Bhagwan Adinath’s
ancient miraculous idol, Black in color in cross legged seating posture. Villagers of Bhatkuli have same faith in this idol as Jains have. So this village is known as Bhatkuli Jain all over India.

Temple Timings & Kind of:

Digamber - From 9:00 A M to Evening

Other Temple : 

Here are three more temples in Bhatkuli, those are also worth being seen.
Bhagwan Parsvanath Mandir
Bhagwan Chandranath (Chandraprabhu) Mandir
Unique Artistic Manstambha

Natural Scenario : 

This place is full of natural greenery. The scene of beautiful temples is pleasing eyes.

Annual Gatherings :
Rathayatra Utsav every year Karttik Shukla 5
Facilities : 

Here is a Guest House equipped with full modern facilities, foods & beds.

Reservation :
Available on Phone 0721- 2389041
Means of approach :
Road – Busses are available from Amaravati to Bhatkuli at every half hour & Murtijapur- Bhatkuli at every hour.
Train –Badnera Station on Central Railway 10 km away from Amaravati. Auto Rickshaw & Busses are available from here.
Airport – Nagpur (160 km from Amaravati)
Nearby Places :
Muktagiri 60 km, Karanja Lad 70 km, Nemgiri 200 km, Akola 100 km, Antariksha Parsvanath (Shirpur) 150 km
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