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Jain Teerth - Bawangaja (Badwani), M.P
Name :
Shri Digamber Jain Siddha Kshetra Chulgiri (Bawangaja)
Is Siddha Kshetra (Place of Salvation).
Address :
Shri Digamber Jain Siddha Kshetra Chulgiri (Bawangaja)
Place – Bawangaja, Post – Badwani, Taluka – Badwani,
District – Badwani (M.P.) Pin – 451551
Phone 07290-222084, 282084 & 282133
Email – (i) Manadig@Sancharnet.in 
Website – www.Bawangaja.com 
Email – (ii) Manager@Bawangaja.com
Managing Committee :
Shri Digamber Jain Siddha Kshetra Chulgiri Trust Bawangaja
Place – Bawangaja, Post – Badwani, Taluka – Badwani,
District – Badwani (M.P.) Pin – 451551
Chair Person :
Padmashri Babulalji Patodi
84, Gumasta Nagar, Indore (M.P.)
Phone 0731-2785588
Secretary :
Shri Ramesh Chand Godha
Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Badwani (M.P.) Pin – 451551
Phone 07290-222211, 222039
Nearby City :
Badwani 8 km
Indore 160 km
Khandwa 188 km
Baroda 270 km
Dhar 100 km
About Badwani :

Siddha Kshetra Chulgiri is world famous for its huge magnificent 84 feet high Khadgasana idol of Bhagwan Adinath. The Chulgiri Kshetra is situated on highest peak of Satpura Mountain range. Because of presence of biggest idol this Teerth Kshetra has become exquisite. This is also the “meditation & Nirvan place of Ravan’s son ‘Indrajeet’ & of Ravan’s younger brother ‘Kumbhakaran’ and many other Munies”. The Chulgiri Kshetra has been described as the place of meditation & Nirvan of Kumbhakaran & Indrajeet in ‘Prakrit Nirvankand’. This Kshetra is about 2000 or more years ancient. The main temple of this Kshetra was constructed in the 12th century. The nearby 10 temples were constructed in the 15th century by the percept of Bhattarak Ratnakirti. According to one inscription found here the main temple was constructed in Samvat 1223. But no inscriptions are available regarding the construction of 84 feet high idol. The scholar of 13th century Yati Madan Kirti had mentioned about this idol & also told that ‘Arkakirti’ was the builder of this idol.

Main Temple & Idol :

The huge magnificent tallest idol of India established on Chulgiri Siddha Kshetra is made by cutting rock of one single mountain only. This 84 feet high Khadgasan idol of Bhagwan Adinath is made in brown stone. As no written evidence is available regarding its construction it is very difficult to say anything about its construction period. The idol of Bhagwan Adinath (Rishabhdev) stands on base of mountain just like the idol of ‘Gomteshwar Bahubali’ of Shravanbelgola. The hands of idol are not joined with legs but are made separate. The structural art & style of this idol is unique and it is in perfect proportion. The various parts of idol are quite symmetrical. There is balanced image of all emotions like joy, mercy & separation on the face of this idol. On the left side huge idol of Bawangaja Bhagwan Adinath the 4 armed ‘Gomukh Yaksha’ & on the right side the very artistic idol of 16 armed ‘Yakshi Chakreshvary’ is established. Because of the large size of idol one can not got complete view of idol by standing on feet of this idol. Therefore in order to get complete view one has to stand a little distance away from the idol.
The idol of Bhagwan Ajitnath carved artistically on a stone slab present here is also quite worth seeing.
The Chulgiri temple is also situated on the Hilltop & this temple is also called as Siddha Bhoomi. The Indrajeet, Kumbhakaran & various other scholars attained emancipation through the self-meditation. This is ancient & spired temple whose construction & restoration according to inscription was done in Samvat 1116, 1223 & 1508. The 3 ancient foot images of Indrajeet, Kumbhakaran & the other are present in this temple. Except foot images the 2 idols of Bhagwan Mallinath & Chandraprabhu are installed in the main alter. Moreover the several idols are installed on both sides in the main assembly hall (Mahamandap).

Temple Kind of & Timings : 
Digambar, Darshan at any time. Abhishek up to 9 ‘o’ clock in the morning. Pooja (Worship) up to 10 ‘o’ clock in the morning.
Other Temples : 
There are other temples also at this Kshetra. Except 11 temples on hill. 19 other temples are there at the bottom of the hill. 13 temples are surrounded by a rampart & 6 are constructed separately. The 60 feet high magnificent Column of Dignity & spires are built above the graves of Acharya Chandra Sagarji & Muni Sheetal Sagarji & their foot images are also there on this Kshetra.
The Column of Dignity is 60 feet high. The white Padmasana idols of ‘Bhagwan Pushpadanta’ are being installed on all the four sides on the Column of Dignity.
Natural Scenerio : 
Chulgiri Kshetra is situated in the laps of Satpura mountain range. This place is adorned with beautiful sights & green vegetation. It is quite peaceful area and waterfalls, gardens, sunset point & sunrise point are the main places of attraction at this Kshetra.
Annual Gatherings
Nirvanutsav of Bhagwan Adinath – Magh Krishna-14; The Annual Fair is organized.
Facilities : 

5 Dharmshala containing 30 Rooms.
5 Guest House containing 20 Rooms.
3 Hall.
Mess Facility is also available. Items like utensils, bed, tent etc. are available.
Other Restaurant & Canteens are also available.

Reservation Facility, Residence Reservation is available on
Phone No.: 07290-222084
Email: Manager@Bawangaja.com
Means of approach :
Road: - Buses are available for Bawangaja from Badwani District Headquater after every 30 minutes. Buses are available for Badwani from Indore, Ujjain, Khandwa, Baroda etc.
Train: - Nearest Railway Station – Indore – 160 km from Badwani.
Airport: - Indore
Nearby Places :
One huge & magnificent Jain temple is there in Badwani in which magnificent idol of principal deity Bhagwan Neminath is installed. It was reverenced in Samvat 1380. Temple is worth seeing.
The nearby places like Talanpur, Unpavagiri, Siddhaverkut, Mohankheda etc. are
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