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Jain Teerth - Bandhaji, M.P
Name :
Shri 1008 Ajitnath Digambar Jain Atishaya Kshetra Bandhaji (M.P.)
Is Atishaya Kshetra (Place of Miracles).
Address :
Shri 1008 Ajitnath Digambar Jain Atishaya Kshetra Bandhaji (M.P.)
Place & Post – Bandha, Via – Mohangarh, Taluka – Jatara,
District – Tikamgarh (M.P.) Pin – 472101
Managing Committee :
Shri 1008 Ajitnath Digambar Jain Atishaya Kshetra Committee, Bandhaji (M.P.)
Place & Post – Bandha, Via – Mohangarh, Taluka – Jatara,
District – Tikamgarh (M.P.) Pin – 472101
Chair Person :
Shri Heeralal Jain Vaisakhiya (Near Bus Stand)
Place & Post – Bamhori (Varana), Taluka – Jatara,
District – Tikamgarh (M.P.)
Phone 07681-262244
Secretary :
Shri Nirmal Kumar Jain Barmadai Vale
Near Rajmahal, Mohan Singh Street,
Tikamgarh (M.P.) Pin – 472001
Phone (P.P.) 07683-243228 (Rajeev Jain)
Nearby City :
Bamhori (Varana) 7 km
Mohangarh 55 km
Tikamgarh 50 km
About Bandhaji :

The 900 years ancient black colored magnificent & miraculous idol of principal deity Bhagwan Ajitnath is installed in a basement of Shri Bandhaji Atishaya Kshetra. According to historical & archeological evidences available this Kshetra seems to be more than 1500 years ancient. This place is situated in between the beautiful hills full of natural & clean & peaceful environment.
The 7 Bhonyare (Basements) are quite famous in ‘Bundelkhand’ which are situated in ‘Pava’, ‘Deogarh’, ‘Seron’, ‘Karguvan’, ‘Bandha’, ‘Papora’ & ‘Thuvon’. It is said that these 7 Basements were got constructed by two brothers namely ‘Devpat’ & ‘Khevpat’. The two ancient spired temples are also constructed here which are worth seeing from the point of view of art & magnificence.
This Kshetra is quite wealthy from the point of view of archeology. The important matter related to Jainism is scattered any where in fields, pounds, ancient forts & in old temples.
It seems that this place was developed during the time of Chandel Kings & Bhonyare (Basement) constructed during the time of Muslim rulers (to keep idols safely).

Atishaya: - (i) During Mughal Period when idols destroyers were destroying the ancient idols in ‘Bandha ji’ then at that time all destroyers were caught in type of Bond and they realized the miraculous power and felt sorry and gone through expiation. After they did expiation they got freed from that miracle this place is called as ‘Bandha Ji’.
(ii) Acharya Shri Mahaveer Kirtiji visited here in year 1953 along with his Sangh. At that time there was no water in the well. But as Acharya sprinkle ‘Abhishek Ka Jal’ (water of consecration) in the well the water got filled in the well on its own. From that time onwards the water is always available in this well.
(iii) A huge serpent also resides in Bhonyara and it can be seen frequently and because of this serpent the visitors who are not devotional are not able to enter inside Basement.
(iv) In the silence of night one hears the devotional songs, devotional sounds of dance & other musical instruments.
(v) Once in Samvat 1890 one artist was going to ‘Bamhori’ for selling the idols. Suddenly the Bullock cart became standstill near the ‘Big Peepal’ Tree of Bamhori. All efforts proved vain, the moment when artist decided that he will install the idol in ‘Bandhaji Kshetra’. The cart started moving towards Bandhaji. This idol is still installed in huge temple of Bandhaji.
Like this many miracles do happen here.

Main Temple & Idol :

At Atishaya Kshetra Bandhaji, the idol of principal deity Bhagwan Ajitnath is installed in ancient Bhonyara. It was created & reverenced in Samvat 1199. It is black colored 2 & half feet high Padmasana idol. The idol is quite ancient, miraculous serene & calm. On both sides of this idol 2 feet high Khadgasana idols of Bhagwan Adinath & Bhagwan Sambhavnath are installed respectively. These both idols were reverenced in Samvat 1209. The other idols of Bhagwan Adinath, Sambhavnath & Neminath are also installed here.
The huge spired temple is built near Bhonyara & it is 65 feet high. This temple was constructed in dense forest. Built in 18th century, this temple is quite artistic. There is one small temple near the spired temple. The small temple was possibly a ‘Math’ in ancient times and later it was converted into small temple. Like ‘Gandhkuti’ it is quite artistic. There are 12 doors in this altar and ‘Dharmachakra’ is created in center of this temple.

Temple Kind of & Timings : 
Digambar : - from 6 A.M. to 9 P.M.
Other Temples : 

There is possibility of existence of one more Bhonyara in the field. There is one rock in this field and when any person either shifts this rock from its place or sits on this rock gets caught with illness. When other scholars told this thing to Acharya Mahaveer Kirti, he said that there is possibility of existence of one Bhonyara and it will come out from earth after some time.

Natural Scenerio : 
This place is situated in between the beautiful hills full of natural & clean & peaceful environment. Bandhaji is situated in calm, serene & natural environment of Tikamgarh District.

Annual Gatherings
Annual Fair: - From Magh Shukla – 15 to Phalgun Krishna – 2 (3 Days)
(This fair is organized as anniversary during period when Acharya Shri sprinkled ‘Abhishek Jal’ in well & it was at once filled with water.)

Facilities : 

Acharya Mahaveer Kirti Nilaya 5 Rooms, Mess Facility is also available.
Virag Vinishchaya Nilaya 8 Rooms
Others - 2 Hall and 4 Rooms
Items like utensils, bed, tent etc. are available.

Reservation Facility, Residence Reservation is available
Chairman Shri Hiralal Vaishakhiya
Phone 07681-262244
Means of approach :

Road: - From Jhansi & Tikamgarh many buses are available for Bandhaji Kshetra via Bamhori.
In the evening from 4 PM to 6 PM 4 buses are available from Bamhori and at 9:30 AM & 3 PM 2 buses are available from Tikamgarh for Bandhaji Kshetra.
In the morning during 7:30 to 9:30 AM all these buses leave from Bandhaji to Tikamgarh, Bamhori & Jhansi. Many buses are available from Bamhori for Tikamgarh & Jhansi.
Train: - Jhansi Railway Station, One can reach Bandhaji from Jhansi via Bamhori on Jhansi-Tikamgarh Road, Kshetra is simply 7 km ahead from Bamhori.
Airport: - Khajuraho – 160 km
From Khajuraho one can reach Bandhaji via Tikamgarh.

Nearby Places :
Atishaya Kshetra: -
Paporaji, District – Tikamgarh
Karguvanji, District – Jhansi
Kshetrapalji, District – Lalitpur

Siddha Kshetra: -
Aharji, District – Tikamgarh
Sonagiriji, District – Datia
Pavagiriji, District – Lalitpur
Dronagiriji, District – Chhatarpur

Famous Teerth of Hindus
: - Orachha – 60 km
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